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We are members of the Maryland Cheese Guild - Facebook Page

We offer farm tours by appointment, including during lambing season, please Contact Us to arrange a visit!

Tour Pricing
1-2 $15.00 per person
3-6 $12.00 per person
6-10 $10.00 per person
11-24 $8.00 per person
Over 25 $6.00 per person

Children 5-10 1/2 price
Children 4 and under free with paying adult. Otherwise $1.00 bootie charge as necessary. Booties will be provided as well as cheese tasting as long as supply is available.

We are currently looking for Intern help (we pay for milking help) - please Contact Us if you are interested in experiencing life at the Manor!

July 2017: I entered the American Cheese Society awards with my Tomae and Fetina. Contest took place last Mon and Tuesday with 24 judges, 281 companies represented and 2041 entries! Awards of first, second, and third recognized. Fetina placed third in sheep's milk Feta category and Tomae placed first in sheep milk cheese aged over 60 days! Pretty great for first time entering amongst so many great national cheese makers! Feeling blessed for this honor.

Maryland Cheese Guild hosts inaugural open house

Carroll County Times - May '16 - Article

More than 40 cheese aficionados made a pilgrimage to the Maryland Cheese Guild's inaugural open house at Colleen and Michael Histon's Shepherds Manor Creamery in New Windsor to share ideas and inspire one another to create new and better cheeses.
"An open house is a fantastic opportunity to tour a working farm, talk to local cheese makers and learn how we can work better together to promote artisanal cheese making in Maryland," Maryland Cheese Guild founder Alicia Clugh said at Wednesday's event.


Making sheep cheese in New Windsor

Carroll County Times - Sept '15 - Video

Maryland Wine Festival pairs with cheese

Carroll County Times - Sept '15 - Article
As she scooped the curds from her sheep's milk into molds, Colleen Histon explained how she prepares Tomae, a wash rind semi-hard Italian style cheese.
Tomae will be one of the cheeses Shepherds Manor Creamery of New Windsor will have for sale at the Maryland Wine Festival this weekend, Sept. 19 and 20, at the Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster. Shepherds Manor is one of four creameries featured at the Maryland Cheese Pavilion, an attraction new this year to the wine festival.
"I love getting out there and sharing my wares. We're very lucky to have this opportunity," said Colleen Histon, who co-owns Shepherds Manor with husband Michael. "We hope the Maryland Cheese Pavilion will be successful and grow over time."


At the 2015 Maryland Wine Festival:

Cheesemakers Are On The Rise in Maryland

Baltimore Magazine - March 2015

Sheep have a reputation as followers, and Dottie is no exception, standing patiently in line, skittering up the steel ramp, and taking a sharp left into a stall at Shepherds Manor Creamery in Carroll County. Her front end makes quick work of a cracked barley and molasses breakfast while dairy owner Colleen Histon, stationed behind her fuzzy hind-end, sees to the milking. Dottie's quart or so of warm, creamy milk is pumped from the milking parlor through a cooling tank to the processing room. Here, Colleen and Michael Histon work their alchemy—turning sweet, ephemeral milk into the complex, long-lasting miracle called cheese.


Check out this awesome Cucumber & Ewe Cream Salad recipe from the Baltimore Farmers' Market & Bazaar. 
Chef Charlotte Galley uses our Shepherds Soft Serve Ewe Creme to create a mouth-watering salad!



Carroll County Times Article

[Please note that we do not sell raw milk under any circumstances. Thank you.]


Visits By Appointment Only, Thank You.